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We specialize in Search Engine Ranking.

So you have a website
You submit it to the search engines and wait. A couple of months later you are miffed to find that your site is on page 20. You need to have your site found at the top of the search engines for keywords that are critical to your business. What you need to have is a combination of Relevance and Link Popularity. Remember, unique quality content is always your goal.

Working on Relevance

What is my market searching for? The keywords you chose may not be what folks are searching for. Bummer huh? Now is the time to do an analysis of what folks are looking for and determine how you can develop your site so it is relevant to these keywords. Don't know how to do it? Contact us. We will be happy to do an analysis for you.

Link Popularity

How about popularity? Do you have enough backward links? If not, now is the time to seriously consider a link building program. We can develop an affordable link management program that will work for you. Without a good link building program your site will probably never be competitive.

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